Venkaiah Naidu: A right-thinking legislator will never be party to disrupting House


The Government “has been taking a series of reforms to unleash the growth potential since only a robust economic growth can help in meeting the aspirations of the people” and legislators “across the country have an important responsibility of seriously reflecting in respective legislatures on the challenging situation that the country is facing and mounting a national effort to come out of it at the earliest,” Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said on Saturday.

Speaking at the occasions of Goa Legislators Day at Panaji, Naidu said that a “right-thinking legislator… will never be a party to the distressing scenario of disrupting the proceedings of the House” and would “most certainly like the House to discuss, debate and decide every issue so that he/she can make meaningful contribution, being equipped to do so”.

Naidu asserted that it was “the difference that able legislators can make to the functioning of the legislatures, which is the need of the hour” and any legislator “has the option of either supporting the government or opposing it”. He stated that in fact, “informed opposition to the government’s proposals” does a “certain good but opposing for the sake of doing it does harm”.

He mentioned that “law makers can make a difference to enhance the functioning of legislatures, and there by their legitimacy” through the 6 C’s of connecting with people, conduct, character, commitment, capacity and communication.

“Any legislature is as good as its members,” he said, and added that “legitimacy of both of them are inter-dependent as each of them draw sustenance from the other”.

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