Gorakhpur: Police photoshop facemask on constable and murder accused, derided online


Gorakhpur police are receiving flak online for posting a digitally altered photo on their Twitter account on Sunday. In the photograph, a police constable and a murder accused standing by his side have masks photoshopped on their faces.

The police department deleted the photo after a barrage of online criticism. Senior police officials on Tuesday said that an officer of the rank of Additional SP had been asked to investigate the matter. Based on the report, action will be taken against those responsible.

Sources said the constable and the accused, arrested for allegedly murdering his elder brother over a land dispute, were not wearing masks when the photo was taken. When people online pointed out that the police were not following basic Covid-19 safety protocols, the morphed photo was posted.

“It was a genuine mistake from the side of the constable, who tried to correct his mistake of not wearing a mask, but did not know that he was making it worse. After coming to know about the incident I even called the concerned constable and questioned him. He said it was a genuine mistake and started crying. He accepted that he made a mistake. However, I asked an Additional SP-level official to investigate the matter. Action will be taken as required,” said Gorakhpur DIG Jogendra Kumar.

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