Increase maximum age limit for govt job applicants: BJP MP writes to PM


BJP MP Jagannath Sarkar, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an appeal for either an age relaxation or increase of maximum age by one or two years in all central and state government recruitment examinations in the country. Sarkar stated that those who had the last year to apply in 2020 failed as no recruitment examinations took place due to Covid situation.

In his letter, a copy of which is also sent to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Sarkar wrote ‘2020 is a nightmare for all of us and will go down in history. All the examinees have to go through a difficult and miserable situation this year. Those who had the last examination to take in 2020 have lost it all, because not a single government job has been tested/taken or any appointment has been made due to this Covid 19 pandemic, as a result their lives are moving towards obsessed. Keeping in mind the current state of unemployment in the country, we should think of all the candidates first…”

“So my humble request to you is that if their age limit is increased or give them an age relaxation for one to two years in all state government and central government recruitment examinations, they will have a little bit of hope..’ the letter dated January 10 read.

Speaking to The Indian Express from Delhi, Sarkar stated that he tried to highlight the plight of Lakhs of unemployed people who had their last year (age wise) for applying for a government job in 2020.

“As you know, there are lakhs of such people who had their last chance to apply or take examination for a government job in 2020. We are also aware that the process of application ad examination takes months in both central and state recruitments. Because of Covid no recruitment examination took place for so many months. It is neither the fault of the central or state governments, neither that of the applicant,” said Sarkar.

“That is why I appealed to both the prime minister and also sent the letter to our chief minister highlighting the plight of such people. Increase or exemption for one to two years for such applicants will provide the much needed relief in a situation where unemployment is a major issue,” added Sarkar.

The maximum age limit for applying for different government jobs and that of government undertakings vary. But generally it is 24 to 40 years of age with exemptions to SC, SC and OBC categories.

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