Cong doesn’t want farmer-govt talks to succeed: Prakash Javadekar


UNION MINISTER and senior BJP leader Prakash Javadekar on Tuesday targeted Rahul Gandhi and said that the “Congress doesn’t want talks between farmers and the government to be successful”.

“Today Congress leader Rahul Gandhi inaugurated a book called ‘Kheti ka Khoon’. Congress has a lot of love for the word blood. ‘Khoon ki Dalali’, they have used words like this many times. I want to remind that you are saying kheti ka khoon but you have played a bloodsport. During Partition, lakhs of people died… In 1984, three thousand Sikhs were burnt alive in Delhi… Thousands of people were killed in Bhagalpur… Lakhs of farmers committed suicide. Was there no blood in their bodies? They did this during Congress rule,” Javadekar said at a press conference.

He said the Congress does not want the talks between the protesting farmers and government to succeed. “What is the Congress game here? Tomorrow is the 10th round of talks between the farmers and the government. How to make that unsuccessful at all costs. Because Congress doesn’t want that problems of farmers be solved, or that talks between the farmers and the government should be successful,” he said.

Earlier in the day, BJP president J P Nadda, taking to Twitter, accused Gandhi of demotivating the country in the fight against Covid. Posing a series of questions to Gandhi ahead of his press conference, he also accused the Congress of misleading the farmers. “When will Congress stop provoking and misleading farmers of India? Why did UPA stall the Swaminathan Commission report for years and did not increase the MSP? Why did farmers remain poor for decades under Congress Governments? Does he feel sympathy for farmers only in opposition?”

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