BJP far more dangerous than Maoists: Mamata Banerjee


Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday called BJP “more dangerous than the Maoists” and accused the party of making false promises to the people before elections and then do a vanishing act after winning.

The Trinamool Congress chief also said that she was not perturbed by defections in her party, saying “politics is a solemn ideology and philosophy and one cannot change these things every day like clothes”.

Addressing a rally in Purulia, Banerjee hit out at the BJP, which had won all the Lok Sabha seats in the district, including those in the Jangalmahal area, during the 2019 general elections.

“You all voted for the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections, but does your MP visit you? Have they given you anything? They will make false promises before the elections and once it’s over, they will flee,” she said, adding that tribals were misled by the BJP in the last Lok Sabha elections.

“In Bengal, BJP is more seen in media than on the ground. The party is using IT (Information Technology) to scare and intimidate the Opposition. They have created WhatsApp groups to spread fake news. BJP is far more dangerous than Maoists,” Banerjee hit out.

Banerjee said the Maoists have come back to the mainstream in the state and that her government has given them jobs as special home guards. The TMC has inducted Chhatradhar Mahato, a former leader of Maoist-backed People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities (PCAPA), who had hogged the limelight during the Lalgarh movement in the tribal-dominated Junglemahal area at the fag end of the erstwhile Left Front rule in the state.

Mahato was set free in February last year by the state government following a reduction in his life term to 10 years by Calcutta High Court for his good conduct.

Alleging that BJP leaders have insulted Birsa Munda, the Trinamool chief mocked the party for not able to correctly pronounce “Bangla”. “They say Bangal, but they are kangal (destitute) for votes,” she added.

Comparing BJP with a snake, the TMC chief said that the party annihilates anyone that comes into its grip.

With Trinamool MLAs and leaders joining the BJP ahead of the polls, Banerjee call the desertions “good riddance”. “Those who want to join BJP can go, but we will never bow our heads to it… Politics is a solemn ideology, philosophy; one can change clothes daily but not the ideologies,” she said.

She said those who have left the party would have disturbed the organisation had they remained in the Trinamool. “There are three types of people in politics – lobhi (greedy), bhogi (those who enjoy power) and tyagi (abstainers from indulgence),” she said.

Dismissing projections in pre-poll surveys, she claimed that “lies” are being dished out on behest of the BJP.

“The Trinamool will get four times the number of seats that they are projecting,” she said, alleging that BJP propaganda machinery was circulating fake videos in social media.

Accusing the BJP, Congress and CPI(M) of being “brothers in arms”, she alleged the Left party has handed over its votes to the saffron party.

Left Front and the Congress have decided to fight Bengal polls together.

She said farmers are agitating over their demands for repealing the farm laws for more than a month, while the peasants are happy in the TMC-ruled Bengal.

Asserting that Purulia has never bowed to the outsiders, Banerjee said that the TMC government has done everything for the development of the adivasis, including formation of West Bengal Santhal Academy, apart from giving recognition to their language ‘Ol Chiki’.

She said class XII students in the state will get Rs 10,000 each in their bank account “within a day or two” for buying tablets or smartphones for their studies in the virtual mode.

Admitting that Purulia suffers from water supply problems, the Chief Minister said that projects worth thousands of crores of Rupees have been taken up by her government for supplying drinking water to every household.

Banerjee said that thousands of jobs will be created with the Dankuni-Amritsar freight corridor route passing through Raghunathpur in Purulia and an industrial park coming up in Joypur in the district.

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